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Summary: Blueprint for Addiction Recovery, Inc. is a behavioral health treatment center. The organization recently launched a post-arrest and pre-conviction program for drug users known as Pathway to Recovery.

Lancaster, PA–(Newsfile Corp. – December 23, 2022) – Blueprints for Addiction Recovery, Inc. is an innovative behavioral health treatment center that focuses on the full spectrum of treatment and is led by CEO Christopher Dreisbach. Blueprints has spearheaded several specialized programs to assist with treatment and provide resources to the community. These programs are located in Lancaster County, PA, but Dreisbach hopes their growing success will allow them to expand to surrounding areas and beyond.

Pathways to Recovery is a newly launched post-arrest and pre-conviction program that allows Magisterial District Judges (MDJs) to divert people into treatment and away from the criminal justice system. The program was founded in partnership with Lancaster County District Attorney Heather Adams. If participating individuals complete the program, they will avoid incarceration and a future criminal record. Pathways to Recovery participants work directly with Certified Recovery Specialists (CRS) throughout the process.

Each participant completes an assessment that will allow them to be placed in the appropriate level of treatment. With appropriate treatment and individualized programming, participants receive the medical treatment they need, reduce their chances of recidivism, and help them regain control of their lives. Treatment recommendations are made in cooperation with various treatment facilities, which could include options through Blueprints for Addiction Recovery, such as the Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), the Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), and the ambulatory (OP).

Pathways to Recovery is based on the principles of fun established by SecondChancePA. SecondChancePA was established in 2018 by Dreisbach and Blueprints for Addiction Recovery in partnership with twenty-four Lancaster County police departments. The program gives officers additional resources while allowing people to receive treatment and away from the burdensome criminal justice system.

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In addition, certified recovery specialists are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and will be on site within an hour. The CRS will help the individual find a bed in an appropriate treatment center immediately at the person’s point of crisis. Depending on the potential charges, the individual can often avoid any recourse to the criminal justice system and be enrolled in appropriate and necessary medical treatment.

Dreisbach and Blueprints for Addiction Recovery have partnered with Lancaster County BHDS to create Gateways. Gateways partners with Certified Peer Specialists (CPS) with the BHDS team to assist with mental health emergencies. Through Pathways to Recovery and the other programs, Blueprints for Addiction Recovery and its partners hope to strengthen the community and enable all people to live satisfying and fulfilling lives.

About Blueprint for Addiction to Recovery, Inc.:

The Blueprint for Addiction to Recovery is an innovative addiction treatment center. The organization focuses on the maximum possibilities of Recovery and builds and improves recovery programs for the people who deserve it the most.

For more information, visit https://blueprintsrecovery.com/.

Media details:
Company Name: Blueprints for Addiction to Recovery, Inc.
Contact phone: 717 208 6417
Contact email: admissions@blueprintsrecovery.com
Contact person: Christopher Dreisbach
Website: https://blueprintsrecovery.com/

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Source: Blueprints for Addiction Recovery, Inc. develops a pre-sentencing program called Pathway to Recovery

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