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BATH, NY (WETM): The Steuben County Organization’s Addiction Awareness developed a new event to support people in the community recovering from addiction. The local organization created Speaker Jam to show the importance of recovery in The Southern Tier through the lens of speakers who have struggled with addiction.

“I think addiction is the main public safety problem. And if we look at the ancillary crimes associated with the addiction that drives the criminal justice bus to put it in some way, and how much more can we do to help those who are in a substance use disorder in recover, the healthier we will go to be as a county, the healthier we will be as a community and the better we will be as a society, ”said Jim Allard, Steuben County Sheriff

This event led residents who are in recovery or who have recently recovered to share their story with those in the community who may still need help.

Speaker Jam Recovery Event in Bath, New York

“I want them to know that recovery is possible, that people can get to the other side, be healthy and be productive members of this society and be successful in recovery,” said Jaime Dyke, director, Addiction Knowing the County of Steuben

As a counselor and advocate for recovery, guidance is the best approach when working with people who have addiction problems.

“All you do is guide them, that is, this is my main focus, I always say I can drive the horse in the water, but I can’t make them drink the water, I give them the tools they need, me, I offer them everything I can stand up for them if that’s what they need, you know you’re helping people get the tools they need and the knowledge to get them back and encourage them, that’s a great thing, ”Dyke said

Steuben County staff, aware of the addiction, had various services in sight for anyone seeking help.

They are proud of the event as it offered speakers the opportunity to share their stories that led to the addiction and how they recovered.

Source: https://www.mytwintiers.com/news-cat/addiction-awareness-of-steuben-host-their-first-signature-recovery-event/


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