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Over the past year, UI Health Care’s Medication Addiction Treatment (MAT) Clinic has seen follow-up rates up to six times higher than national averages for walk-in patients.

Members of UI Health Care's Medication Addiction Treatment (MAT) Clinic

Members of UI Health Care’s Medication Addiction Treatment (MAT) Clinic

This clinic has provided care in the past year to more than 130 patients seeking treatment to overcome a substance use disorder (SUD). More than 80% of patients sought treatment for opioid use disorder, but patients also sought treatment for alcohol use disorder and stimulant use disorder. Many patients would suffer severe withdrawal symptoms and be at high risk for negative outcomes if they did not have access to this service. Attempts to expedite regular clinic appointments can result in delays in life-saving SUD care, and this clinic delivers low-barrier services to patients more quickly. who otherwise could not receive care.

The clinic has involved a variety of disciplines from across UI Health Care since its inception. Team members include:

  • Medical students
  • Psychiatry residents
  • Pharmacy students
  • Pharmacy residents
  • Clinical pharmacist
  • Addiction Healthcare Provider
  • Assistant Toxicology Provider
  • Specialist in peer recovery
  • Addiction medicine case manager

Clinic administrators say that because of the world-class care provided by the clinic, follow-up rates are up to six times higher than national averages for patients first seen in emergency departments for SUD, approximately twice the follow-up appointment rates for SUD. for the other environments.

RELATED: Alison Lynch, MD, Director of Addiction and Recovery Collaborative at UI Healthcare, was recently interviewed by Kaiser Health News about how providers can participate in the development of new medications that can lessen the severity of their patients’ withdrawal symptoms.

Source: Addiction treatment medication at the outpatient clinic exceeds the national average

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